Rummage Fest Shoppers Dig Through Items to Find their Own Gems

Members of the community discovered many treasures at Immanuel United Church of Christ’s held their Rummage Fest on Friday night. It will continue Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Lauren Brown, a teacher at Day Star Christian School in the South Loop, digs through several items at the ’s Rummage Fest on Friday night hoping to find something for her students. Finally, she discovers a Sears Tower 3D puzzle. The 3D puzzle will fit into one of her themed units, she said.  Brown uses Chicago as her classroom going on several excursions such as visits to the Sears Tower.  

People can still discover Saturday their great finds just as Brown found hers.  The church is selling items including, toys, a pool table, sewing table, piano, furniture, rugs, clothes, kitchen ware, books, Christmas decorations, vintage purses and clothes.  Kitchen utensil and towels range from 25 cents to 50 cents. The books cost between 25 cents and $5.

Also, the Women’s Guild of the church is selling slices of cakes for $2.

Sandra Busse, a volunteer and member of the church, admires the homecoming dresses remembering the girls who wore the dresses years ago.

“We’re hoping a girl who can’t afford a fancy (dress), can use one,” Busse said.

Admission to the is $2 between 9 a.m. and noon. After noon it’s free. All day veterans, seniors over the age of 63 years and those receiving aid from the government can get in for free.

For the first time the church is charging to get in. This is to make sure they cover their costs, raise money for the church and a local charity.

Ninety percent of the proceeds will go toward repairing the church’s roof and 10 percent of it to a local non-for profit organization.  This is the first time the church is having the sale after a short hiatus, said Jane Feurer, the chairperson of Rummage Sale Committee.

Immanuel United Church of Christ started collecting items for the sale on Sunday, Sept. 11. The church chose to hold the Rummage Fest since it’s easy to get rummage, and people are always cleaning out their garages, Feurer said.

About 25 volunteers aided in sorting through items collected as well as helping out at the Rummage Fest.

“It’s a service to the church. Whenever they say we need volunteers, there we are, when you’ve been in the church as long as we have, you’re just part of it,” said Delores Eriksen, a member of the church’s Women’s Guild.

The rummage sale has three rooms, furniture, boutique for vintage items and large room for everything else.  

The boutique and furniture room houses items such as vintage purses, clothes, shoes, paintings, chairs, a sewing table and end tables.

In the large hall one woman, Melissa Rogalla of Chicago found pillars to display her dolls and Christmas decorations.

“It’s a good way to donate to the church and get cool stuff too,” Rogalla said.

For Brown, the sale brought back memories. While looking at old board games, she reminisces the days when she played board games.

Some aren’t rummage sale people, but they give.

“I’m not a rummage sale girl, I give,” said Erin Taylor, a volunteer at the Rummage Fest and member of the church.

Michelle McDonogh September 17, 2011 at 12:22 PM
Whoever wrote the initial story covering the "Rummage Fest" in Friday's Patch failed to report that there was a $5.00 entry fee to shop on Friday night. Since fees, dates, and times were listed for Saturday, I am curious how the $5.00 fee was not mentioned at all for Friday night shoppers. Disappointing to go all the way out there and then find out at the door there was a fee when none was mentioned in The Patch...
WidneyWoman September 17, 2011 at 03:00 PM
What a wonderful idea and a great way to support an important cause for a local church.
Renita Young September 17, 2011 at 05:40 PM
Hi Michelle, Thanks for reading Evergreen Park Patch. The price originally given to us was $2 to enter and we mentioned that in our original article. Please take a look... http://patch.com/A-mgkm
Renita Young September 17, 2011 at 05:41 PM
Thanks WidneyWoman! If you know of any other events, please feel free to post them on Patch and let us know. Enjoy your weekend!


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