PHOTO GALLERY: Village Celebrates Town Heroes at Annual 4th of July Parade

Find out if you were caught on by the Patch Cam at the 44th Annual Independence Day Parade. Happy 4th of July Evergreen Parkers!

Whenever we get the chance, it's always a pleasure to meet residents face-to-face and this event was the supreme opportunity. The theme, "Freedom is Not Free - God Bless Our Military," rang loud and proud as the town paid varius tributes to local members and veterans of the armed forces. Take a look at our gallery. If you spot a cool patriotic photo of yourself, snag it then re-upload it to 

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Find out what on Wednesday.

Concerned with July 4th traffic?

Consult our "commute" section at the top of the page for real-time traffic and gas updates. If you're traveling outside of the village, make sure you read our before you leave the house.

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