$6 billion Dollars!!!

Why election reform is necessary if democracy is to continue to work in the country.

That’s not a typo! The election campaigns, the Presidential, House and Senate cost $6 billion, mostly spent on “attack” ads. Just plain obscene! How many hungry families in this country could we have fed, even housed, or put to work with 6 billion dollars? The election system in this country has become totally skewed. A system based on how much money a candidate can garner to even be considered a candidate, which has automatically precluded other viable candidates for so long. Other viable candidates are automatically ignored and have little, if any, visibility whatsoever.

We desperately need to reverse Citizens United by Amendment or whatever means possible -- an imperative. There is, in fact, an Amendment pending and you can sign onto the Petition for an Amendment to Citizens United at www.movetoamend.org. In addition, election reform is a MUST. Our election system is a sham! We need to get the money out of the election process, set dollar limits for Presidential races, House and Senate, as well as set limits of air time. And, apparently, Dylan Ratigan, formerly of MSNBC TV, has already thought about it and come up with “Get the Money Out” http://getmoneyout.com Go there and sign up.

This is all without mention of the redistricting (gerrymandering) and all the illegal attempts to suppress voting using inordinate measures to do so. We need to press for laws to be enacted to prevent the kind of suppression attempts we’ve seen in this past election. No citizens should have to have such experiences, as it is their inherent right to vote, period.


B. E. Murphy   


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B. E. Murphy December 12, 2012 at 06:00 PM
Arthur, I believe that taxes should be paid proportionate to income, first of all. There are many, many, such as Romney, who pay only 15% or less, when they have offshore accounts, and many, many deductions already, without the Bush Tax cuts. I realize there may be some sorts of mitigating circumstances, but, generally, I would say I would be glad to pay one-third in taxes if my income were upwards of $250,000, whatever is a "fair share." As to the "theme," I'm glad you "got it!" Plus, I believe to spend monstrous amounts of money on elections is just plain wrong!c
Arthur Huff December 13, 2012 at 01:43 AM
I'm with you on the deductions and loopholes. Fixing that end of things would solve some problems. But would you really be "glad" to pay so much in income tax? Or rather, if you had a choice would you want to pay 30% instead of 33%? With the utter lack of efficiency our government operates with how could anyone be "glad" to give them so much of their own hard-earned money?
BUTCH December 13, 2012 at 06:58 PM
IF U UNDERSTAND THE COPIAL cipher u can figger out what this BS is about? Tell us about your bonuses and short selling to buy back later in insider transactions of securities etc. It sounds like u need to sell your second and third home pay the millions in fines and take a enema to clean out the system, how many clients and investors have been screwed who have drank your KOOL AID and now have no rainy day fund or retirement?
B. E. Murphy December 14, 2012 at 01:03 AM
I don't think anyone is really "glad" about paying taxes, period, but if I made the kind of money that commanded 33%, I would be "gladder!" As to inefficiency on the part of the government, I certainly would agree with that on a number of levels. All those involved with the military industrial complex have been gaining profits by leaps and bounds over these past 12 years, yet pay little or no taxes. As to waste by our government (which I hope you consider to be part of the inefficiency). Can't help but to recall the $9 billion cash sent by our government to Iraq (in the early stages of the Iraq invasion during the Bush Adm.) No big deal! There was some stink about it, but, apparently, not enough to warrant a full scale investigation and the "theft" of our monies just drifted into oblivion. And the phonied up bills of Halliburton, KBR, etc. and a whistleblower, who wound up "gagged." Oh, and Guantanamo, built and serviced by none other than Halliburton, for the purposes of "torturing" enemy combattants, 98% of whom were guilty of nothing more, nor less, than being in the wrong place at the wrong time (Bush even said so). But, despite the violation of all national/international laws, Guantanamo still exists and tortures! Oh, then there's something weird about Homeland Security purchasing 450 million rounds of hollow-point ammunition (outlawed by the UN -- once entering subject, it frays and causes serious damages to organs), and for how much money? And who complains!
B. E. Murphy December 14, 2012 at 01:21 AM
(Arthur, ran out of room above.) Even the Social Security Adm. bought 174,000 rounds of hollow-bullets, which they explain as "normal" for their agents. The problem is that people first need to become aware and understand the waste and inefficiency, which no one is going to get through mainstream ("MSM") media . . . the MSM lets you know as much as THEY want you to know and that's that (owing to specific corporate ownership). But there are many sources that people, if they choose to do so, can find the truth, including radio stations/TV stations that expound the truth. Anyway, I've gone on a bit more than I cared to, but the point of it all is this: Taxes? There should be equitable "sharing" of them, on a pro rata basis based on income. As to our grievances with paying them, that is where YOU, ME and ALL AMERICANS come in. Given the controls exhibited by our government today (corporate and MIC controls), it is up to us, the PEOPLE to voice our discontent with the way/means our monies are being spent, and if we continue to be "snookered" in, i.e., paying our taxes, and witnessing inefficiency, waste and illegal behavior. Criminals don't stop being criminals, unless and until they are "arrested." So far, in 12 years, there have been no "arrests." So, of course, the criminals continue to be criminals and the problems continue resultantly!


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