SXU Radio Broadcasts Vet Stories of Combat, Military Life

Saint Xavier University is hosting its first ever Veteran's 10-part radio series called Veteran Matters on 88.3 WXAV-FM.

Saint Xavier University will take listeners beyond the barracks and into the battlefields of World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts through its

On Sunday, April 22, the first of the 10-part series will air on Saint Xavier's WXAV 88.3 FM and at WXAV.com at 9 a.m. Airing in two segments, the series will come on Sundays from April 22 through May 20 and during August through September later this year.

Veteran Matters begins by introducing all the veteran interviewees, including some current Saint Xavier University students and faculty members, who will share their stories in subsequent programs. Later programs will give insight into combat experience, military life, nursing in combat zones, and one veteran’s battle experience at sea during WWII.

Saint Xavier University's Veteran Matters has been partially funded by a grant from the Westerman Foundation and is hosted by Saint Xavier University's School of Education Professor and Vietnam veteran Peter Hilton and produced by Peter Kreten, Assistant Director of Campus Life: Student Media.

Some of the veterans featured on the program will include Norm Lasman, 89, who survived a kamikaze attack while working in the engine room of the U.S.S. Bunker Hill during World War II; Joan Schetner, a 92-year-old military nurse who served during World War II; Buck, a helicopter pilot during the Vietnam era; and Andy, who served in Korea, Germany and Iraq.

Tom Karones April 21, 2012 at 10:47 PM
My late cousin spent 3 1/2 years overseas in ww2 and I am the only one left who remembers the stories of Scotland, Northern Ireland, North Africa, Italy, Corsica, Southern France, Austria, and Germany he told me. Opening a concentration camp in ermany, occupation duty in Berlin right after VE Day. I am 82 and wish I could pass these stories on to future generations so they never forget what really happened.
Peter Kreten April 26, 2012 at 07:45 PM
Hi Tom, Thank you so much for the comment. I am one of the producers of Veteran Matters. If you are interested in being recorded, feel free to contact me at pkreten@sxu.edu


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