Southwest Elementary Grants 10 the 'Paw Pride Award'

Southwest Elementary School recently recognized its students who were moving onto Junior High School and a special 10 who exhibited exemplary behavior. Congratulations kids!

Congratulations to the sixth graders at who recently joined the Junior High School ranks!

Every year, staff and Principal Patricia Bogdan recognize the students who matriculate onto the next level. They don't have a traditional graduation, however they're celebrated at a dinner held in their honor.

This year, 10 students were chosen by the entire staff and awarded a certificate entitled the Paw Pride Award. Named in honor of a prior Gym teacher Don Casey, the Paw Pride Award recognizes the all-around student, who's a true leader. Each student received a certificate that read:

By word and deed, your character has been recognized and serves as an example to all. We are proud of you!

-The Southwest Staff


Congratulations to Southwest Elementary School's entire 6th Grade class, and a special kudos to Kinsey Castillo, Minah Khan, Elizabeth MacDonald, Dominique McBride, Meghan McKibbin, Moira Mixan, Matthew O'Donnell, Kenneth Rickert, Kallie Sheil and Alexis Witowski.

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