New District 124 Board Members Officially Take their Seats

At the last Special Meeting of the Board of Education, two newly elected board members and one incumbent took the oath of office.

After a highly anticipated municipal race, Evergreen Park Elementary School District 124 officially gave the oath of office two new board members and one incumbent.

At the May special meeting of the board of education, newcomers and took their seats, and Kathleen Rohan retained hers, based on the results from

Current board vice president Terry MacDonald gave the oath of office, and during a board reorganization, nominated that Rohan maintain her seat as President of the Board of Education. The board also voted that MacDonald retain his seat as vice president.

In an emotional twist, Joan Boss, who served on the board for 14 years and was board secretary for the last eight, said her final "goodbyes," and left the meeting after the three board members were sworn in. The group gave her a standing ovation as she left.

At April's Regular Meeting of the Board of Education, the board recognized Boss with a certificate for her years of service.

Reminicing on her long history in District 124, Boss said "this district is my heart. I have a connection here that I don't think will ever leave me."

According to her, she's been involved in the district, as a resident, parent and member of the board, for more than 35 years.

"What means the most to me," said Boss, "is the people I've been able to get to know and get involved over the years."

Fighting back tears, she said, "thank you for the opportunity."

MacDonald spoke about how Boss was a "guiding light," for him during his years on the board. Other board members said how Boss mentored them throughout the years, and showed them how to serve the residents of Evergreen Park and all effected by the Board of Education's decisions.

District 124 Board of Education voted in Elizabeth Amado to fill Boss' shoes, big shoes, according to the board.

"Does a tutorial from Joan go along with that," Amado said, jokingly. "I hope we can live up to half of what you accomplished."


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