Village Board Briefer: Committes, Commissions Assigned, Park Renovation and Police Week

The bare bones of this week's Village Board meeting.

The Village Board met this week, granted several requests and discussed 'Nu Toys' for one of the village parks, among other business. Here were a few hot topics:

Village Park Gets Face-lift

Trustees approved a request from Public Works Department head William Lorenz to purchase new playground equipment for for $72, 187, which includes the playground equipment and installation.

The department has contracted LaGrange-based NuToys Leisure Products. Since the products are specialty products, the village waived the bid process. "This is a budgeted item," said Sexton. According to him, the village hadn't been able to update park equipment in the last few years because of the economy, however since it has picked up, the village expects to make more improvements.

"I think parks are the lifeblood of this community, and will continue to bring young people into the community to stay here and raise their families," said Sexton.

The village will be budgeting more money over the next few years to make the village's parks "more state of the art," Sexton said.

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How much did the Village spend on bills last month?

The village approved Resolution No. 14-2011, the amount of money spent out of several funds in April. Out of the general corporate fund, the sewer and water funds, and the capital improvement funds, and the TIFF fund, the village spent a grand total of $233,091.64

How much cash did the Village bring in last month?

The Water Collector collected $478,355.42  last month, while the Village Collector took in $6,441,653.57 from the general fund, and $2,156,964.61 from the sewer and water fund.

What Businesses did the Board approve Regulation Certificates for?

  • The Village board approved a certificate for Sam's Corp., a doctor's office at 3851 W. 95th St., pending further investigation of parking by Sexton and village clerk Catherine Aparo.

Requests Granted

  • Trustees approved Ordinance 6-2011, adding a section, 5-115, to the Evergreen Park Municipal Code. This section adds a penalty for failure to obtain a permit to build in the village. Sexton said when the penalty goes into effect, it will be a $150 fine if violated.
  • The Village Board approved the mayor's appointments for committees and commissions for 201-2012, including recommendations for part-time and auxiliary police.
  • The board approved a request from Police chief Michael Saunders to allow Jerone Thadison, a senior at Chicago State University majoring in Criminal Justice, to enter the Police Department's College Student Internship Program.
  • Sexton declared the week of May 15-21 as Police Week in Evergreen Park.
  • The Board approved a request from residents of the 9500 block of California for permit parking. Sexton said residents had problems from hospital patrons parking on the west side of the street, and the homes have no driveways. 
  • The Village Board of Trustees approved a request from Most Holy Redeemer Parish to have their annual Spring Carnival June 15-June 19, and have a liquor license for the event.

Miscellaneous Items and Announcements

  • Sexton announced that June 25 will be the 43rd Annual Day in the Park at the
  • May 20, Most Holy Redeemer will have a Walk-A-Thon at 12:30 p.m.
  • May 21, the Boy's Baseball will have their Opening Day Parade at 9 a.m. starting at Central Junior High School. The original date in April was rained out.
  • Village Hall will be closed on May 30, in observance of Memorial Day.


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