State House and Senate Candidates Talk Gay Marriage

Candidates for the 18th District of the Illinois State Senate and 35th District of the State House appeared at a wide ranging forum. Here are their answers on the gay marriage question.

With an increasing number of states passing gay marriage laws and Illinois' recent , the topic of gay marriage is a much talked about one in state legislatures across the country.

In a candidate forum sponsored by the Palos-Orland League of Women Voters on Monday, candidates shared their views on the issue.


(D-Chicago): Says the issue is not her focus, but she does have a gay relative and, "would hate to deny her the right to marry."

 (D-Chicago): "Due to his faith," he does not support same-sex marriage. 

Andrew Byrne Hodorowicz (D-Palos Heights): He is focused on the state's finances and would not support anything that adds costs for the state.  

(R-Orland Park): "No. I do not support it."


(R-Orland Park): "I do not support gay marriage." Fernandez added that civil unions make sense, especially when medical and visitation issues are at stake. 

Barbara Bellar (R-Burr Ridge): Did not attend

Bill Cunningham (D-Chicago): Did not attend

Click on the candidates' names for their answers to the full Patch Election Questionnaire and more information about their background. 


Do you believe Illinois should recognize same-sex marriages? 

Bob March 13, 2012 at 02:44 AM
Kathie, to clarify, you seem to be purporting that hospitals can arbitrarily ignore legal assigned powers of attorney in life sustaining services. The hospitals with which I've had contact, even the ones with Judeo Christian administration, wouldn't think of this, and might be liable to legal action should they excuse it. I challenge you to find a hospital that routinely refuses such powers to nonfamilial power executors. Regarding how gay marriage could be used by gay activists, an liberal Eastern state found out the hard way how this was forced into their system. Their statutes required public schools to provide sex education and "health" classes, and prior to gay marriage being approved only hetero relationships were taught in these classes. After gay marriage was enacted, gay legal activists DEMANDED that gay practices and options be taught in ALL school health and sex education classes because it was "equal and comparable" to hetero marriage. Parents were not allowed to withdraw their children from these classes because this education was "mandated by the state". Since schools were afraid of litigation and frivolous lawsuits from gay legal activists, they dared not say ANYTHING about the negative aspects of gay life or its contribution to the AIDS epidemic. Parents had their freedom to raise their children as they saw fit stolen, and the gay and government tyrants had succeeded in stealing that freedom. That's why some choose to fight gay oppression.
iceman63 March 13, 2012 at 02:47 AM
For gosh sakes, I LOVE to read. Bob, please add some links to your information so we can all enjoy and become enlightened.
Kathie March 13, 2012 at 04:21 AM
Bob, to your challenge: It DOES happen. And your "purporting" that any hospital would be taken to court for denying "gays their rights" is correct. BUT, that doesn't make up for being denied first. Or spending precious hours fighting to be granted rights, especially if the loved one dies. 1) From the New York Times, ".. nearly 75 percent of the hospitals have policies to protect their patients from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. However, sometimes the policies aren’t correctly implemented by hospital workers." (cited incidences CA, OR, FLA). 2)Tennessee lesbian denied rights at hospital, (http://thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/tennessee-lesbian-denied-hospital-visitation-rights/discrimination/2011/12/20/32183). 3)Maryland hospital denied gay to visit her same-sex partner (http://healthexecnews.com/why-did-hospital-deny-gay-spouse-visitation-rights) 4)Lesbian denied rights (http://www.care2.com/causes/hospital-apologizes-to-lesbian-denied-visitation-rights.html) The list goes on! And are you purporting that an East coast school legally held students in school against their & their parents' will to study material that the parents deemed unfit for their child? Classes can be mandated by state law, BUT don't give me "shrinking parents thing!" I will bet, the school offered alternative material to those, whose parents did not want their children exposed to that information. And just so you know, learning about "gay" lifestyles doesn't make someone gay.
Kathie March 13, 2012 at 04:33 AM
Many studies were done on the spread of AIDS. Everyone has their beliefs, but all, some or none may be true. There were different strains of HIV so one group can't be singled out...also there was SIV (HIV in monkeys) "It is likely that we will never know who the first person was to be infected with HIV, or exactly how it spread from that initial person. Scientists investigating the possibilities often become very attached to their individual 'pet' theories and insist that theirs is the only true answer, but the spread of AIDS could quite conceivably have been induced by a combination of many different events. Whether through injections, travel, wars, colonial practices or genetic engineering, the realities of the 20th century have undoubtedly had a major role to play. Nevertheless, perhaps a more pressing concern for scientists today should not be how the AIDS epidemic originated, but how those it affects can be treated." (http://www.avert.org/origin-aids-hiv.htm)
Dave W. March 13, 2012 at 04:56 PM
Kathie, how DARE you cite your sources! How will Bob repudiate them with mere knee-jerk homophobic reactionary spewings? At the end of the day, he will insist that gay people aren't the equal of hetero people. Even if Bob isn't a racist, (I have no idea, so I won't disparage him for that), he must realize that there is a direct parellel to his thinking on this topic and how racists think now and certainly in the past about mixed marriages; or how people in further back, less enlightened time periods (or modern day Texas) fought against that 'radical theory' known as evolution. Just because some people, even a majority, think something is true, or is 'right' doesn't ACTUALLY make it so. That is why the courts have had to often enforce how the Constitution is supposed to work. It doesn't read "All men are created equal, except for the people Bob doesn't like." EVERYBODY is due the same rights, ALL the rights, ALL the time. Do I feel like watching every program with a 'gay' angle, or some obvious agenda? Nope. I just don't watch. Do I think kids in school should learn that whatever they 'are' isn't what everybody 'is', even if it makes them or their parents uneasy? Yep, because nobody picks the 'I want to be gay' life tile when they are in some mythical line waiting to be 'sent' to be born. It just happens. The sooner we all learn to deal with each other with some understanding and compassion, the better off we will all be.


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