New Conservative Endorsements for Grabowski and Falvey

The 3rd District Republican candidates have newly collected the support of Tea Party officials and other conservative figures and groups.

Both major candidates in the Republican primary race to challenge incumbent Dan Lipinski in the 3rd District primary race are touting new endorsements from conservative organizations and Tea Party groups in press releases.

has announced endorsements from the GOP organizations of Orland Township, Palos Township, Worth Township and the Chicago 11th Ward, the Lemont and Homer/Lockport Tea Party groups, GOP figures Michael Bendas and William J. Kelly, and the organizations Tax Accountability and the Illinois Center-Right Coalition.

“Ordinary, common sense thinking people are lining up in back of Richard L. Grabowski in the Republican Primary race for U.S. Congress in Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District in 2012,” the Grabowski campaign said in the release.

Grabowski’s primary opponent, is also touting multiple new endorsements, including Vivienne Porter and Steve Balich, respectively coordinator and founder of the Will County Tea Party Alliance.

“Jim Falvey is a true fiscal conservative who will lead the charge in Congress to balance our nation’s budget by cutting spending and increasing efficiency,” Balich said in a Falvey campaign release. “He will work to reduce the size of the Federal Government and promote individual responsibility.”

Falvey has also been endorsed by Angel Garcia, president of the Chicago Young Republicans and former chairman of the Cook County Republican National Hispanic Assembly.

“I know Jim Falvey to be of impeccable character. He’s a solid Republican, a true conservative, and an ethical man who gives Republicans the best chance of defeating the Chicago Machine in this race,” Garcia said in a press release.

Both Grabowski and Falvey have acknowledged sharing very similar campaign platforms (distinct from ) although Grabowski has accused Falvey of being either a Democratic plant or an insincere conservative.


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