Illinois Tollway Streamlines Process to Contest Violations

Agency’s new online service helps customers contest violations for which they are not responsible, usually when a vehicle is stolen or sold, officials said.

Vehicle owners who seek to contest tollway violations and fines for which they believe they are not responsible will no longer have to call customer service or travel to the Illinois Tollway headquarters in Downers Grove, officials announced.

The Illinois Tollway launched Monday a new online service for contesting violations for which drivers are not responsible, usually in situations where vehicles have been sold or stolen prior to the violation date. Now, customers can contest toll violations at illinoistollway.com, where they will download a form, attach the required documentation and return it to the Tollway for review.

Prior to this new process, customers would need to call the Tollway or visit a customer service center to make their case.

The changes will help about 2,000 motorists per month, the agency said in a release.

“For the first time, the Tollway is clearly defining for our customers the circumstances in which contesting a toll violation is acceptable,” Illinois Tollway Executive Director Kristi Lafleur said in the release. “This new improved process gives our customers the ability to make their case and contest the toll violation as quickly and effortlessly as possible.”

Drivers receive a toll violation notice after three toll violations have occurred in a two-year period, officials said. Upon receipt of the initial notice, drivers have 21 days to either pay the tolls and fines, request a hearing or contest the violation.

Customers who seek to contest a toll violation must adequately prove one of the following scenarios:

  • Vehicle had been sold and was in possession of a new owner at the time the violations occurred;
  • Vehicle had been stolen and was not in the owner's possession at the time the violations occurred;
  • Ex-spouse was responsible for the vehicle at the time the violations occurred;
  • Registered owner is no longer living
  • Toll violations were receive while using a replacement transponder;
  • Customer is not the registered owner of the vehicle;
  • Vehicle was in the custody of a repossession company at the time the violations occurred.

According to the Chicago Tribune, toll plaza collections are estimated at $923 million. Violation enforcement is expected to add another $40 million.


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