Hurley Takes Over Half of Vote for Dem Slot in 35th House Race

By 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, Democratic candidate Fran Hurley was leading with 51 percent of the vote. She will face Republican Steven Williams in November.

, one of three Democrats vying to face a GOP opponent for in the 35th Illinois House District race, coasted to an easy win during Tuesday's primary.

She will face who ran unopposed. Williams was unavailable for comment Tuesday night.

Hurley won the race with 6,739 votes, against Andrew Martin's 3,992 votes and Andrew Byrne Hodorowicz with 1,862 votes, or about 53 percent.

"I'm just humbled and overwhelmed," Hurley told Patch at her campaign party after her victory speech. "I'm grateful for the support."

About a hundred supporters attended Hurley's party at 115 Bourbon Street, at 3359 W 115th St, in Merrionette Park.  

Surrounded by red balloons and those cheering supporters, Hurley declared, "I will be a full-time legislator. I promise that."

Supporter Mike Graves said the big win has paved the way for a victory in November.

"She going to do a really good job in Springfield," Graves said. "We've had a big win and we're looking for another one in November."

Peter James Foote March 23, 2012 at 11:51 PM
Now you get to my point Andrea, it's one thing to object to a candidate because they embrace the values of their party - "talk like a Democrat" but to make any sway with a candidate's traditional supporters in a heavily Democratic District you have to start beyond attacking her status as a Democrat. Now, you're finally there. But you also have to understand that when anyone in the 19th Ward wanted to get a problem solved they called the Ward Office. You attacked Hurley for being a "Secretary". But what do you think a Secretary in a Ward Office is? She's the one who tracks every problem, prioritizes how to handle it and solves most of the problems before they ever get to the Alderperson. What kind of experience does that yield? Knowing every inch of the area street by street, alley by alley, neighbor by neighbor. Learning the quiet ones from the crazies. Learning how to be immediately responsive to what voters want, day by day, week by week, year by year. Are you SURE her title WAS secretary or did you just assume that? What did it say in the budget? It's all there in black and white.
Peter James Foote March 23, 2012 at 11:54 PM
What I do know is that she's from HERE. Someone who grew up here. Went to school here. Got her degree here. Not some out of town nobody that thinks that Illinois Politics might be a good way to enhance his business connections. We already have enough people in Illinois Politics to find ways to make more money. For once I'd like to see someone with experience in helping people, small business owners, people like you and me get the government services their taxes are paying for be elected. When I ran into her at the polls Hurley asked me how things were with my family years and she LISTENED. George Ryan didn't do that at the Metra station years ago, he just nodded and grinned and look what happened to him. Go ahead. Meet the woman. See what you think then. And don't downgrade a degree from Xav's just because it's local. I think our district is a great one.
Andrea Williams March 24, 2012 at 01:11 PM
You're right, Fran isn't an out-of-towner (unless you are talking about the other half of her district out here in the burbs), but she is already in the business of 'enhancing' herself (and her family) through connections in Illinois politics. You need to do your homework. Fran's son has twice received one of those controversial tuition waivers from Maloney. What's the connection? Fran worked on Maloney's campaign...you can verify this on his D-2s filed with the Board of Elections. That's what I mean by the worst kind of Democrat...already in the game for herself. Yes, she sure does know how to manuever in the 19th Ward....
Peter James Foote March 30, 2012 at 01:16 PM
I don't know about that issue or what a D2 is. I suspect that means you are following the issues a lot more closely than I or many voters are. But if there was a tuition waiver around that my son was eligible for I would have filed for it and I suspect you would have too. These sorts of things often become controversial after the fact now don't they. Usually during campaigns. Your assumption that he qualified for it by campaign work is specious unless you have proof that only those who did campaign work qualified for aide something, that if true, probably was not be known by the recipients or their parents beforehand. I suspect the help would have been given to his campaign in any case, as part of the larger Democratic effort just as young people are honestly engaged in efforts in campaigns all over the state. Note I said IF true. great caution should be taken when making allegations where minors are involved.
Peter James Foote March 30, 2012 at 01:23 PM
Andrea, You seem to have advanced knowledge of the political scene. I have been speaking up because I knew Fran from Grammar School, liked how she conducted her campaign (no negativity that I saw or heard), and that when I ran into her at my polling place on election day she was the same, smart, tough, driven girl I remembered from years ago with a clear moral center, a clear desire to serve the whole district and, a willingness to ask questions and listen and care about what I had to say as a voter in her district about a variety of issues important to me. I've run into lots of politicians over the years, Fran was the first I sensed really cared about what I had to say and valued it because I was a voter, not a millionaire, not a donor, not a campaign worker, but someone who had come out to vote for her. In life I've had the chance to talk to other political candidates, but if ever I think there will be a State Rep who will Remember what people, voters tell her and try to represent those needs, both City and Suburban, it's Fran Hurley who has lived and shopped in all the district since childhood. That's all I have to say. Rant all you want here, but I'm convinced That Fran Hurley is a good, solid person who will surprise many when she gets downstate, in the best way possible. Good luck Fran!


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