Evergreen Park Residents Speak their Piece

Parked cars that ignore street cleaning days, overflowing Dumpsters and bureaucratic red tape were on residents' minds at Monday's Evergreen Park Village Board Meeting.

The following comments were made by members of the public at the Evergreen Park Village Board Meeting on Dec. 17.

'They Don't Care'

Evergreen Park Chamber of Commerce President Helen Cuprisin and others expressed frustration with local motorists who fail to move their cars off the curb on days scheduled for street sweeping. “How many times I see the sweeper going down the middle of the street because cars are blocking the curb.” Sexton shared the exasperation. “We have posted it, Helen. We have advertised it, and they don’t care,” he said. “We put up signs just like they do in Chicago, and people see it but think it doesn’t apply to them. It applies to their neighbors.”

Dumpsters Are Overflowing by Doughnut Shop

A man living near 95th and Turner complained about what he said were open and sometimes overflowing Dumpsters in back of a nearby doughnut shop and several restaurants. He said the situation contributes to a rodent problem. The mayor noted that village inspectors are on the job and will ticket any food establishment with an unkempt garbage container that violates health and sanitation codes.

Trash Collection Schedules Not Adhered Too

A man living near 93rd and Spaulding complained about trash collection services, saying that schedules are not adhered to, calls to customer service lines are not returned, and that waste pile-up makes for a potentially dangerous situation. Sexton responded that such service is “not acceptable” and that village residents experiencing such problems should notify Village Hall promptly. “I’ll get on the phone with them myself,” he vowed.

Tell us what's bugging you, compliment a business or praise a random act of kindness. Speak your piece in the comments.


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