City Council Targets Potholes, Dangerous Trees

The Chicago Heights City Council is opening tree removal, road resurfacing up for bid, an alderman says.

Potholes and dead wood are among some of the local safety hazards addressed head-on during the Aug. 6 meeting. 

"We gave the approval to go to bid," Fourth Ward Ald. Joshua Deabel said in a phone interview with Patch.

This comes as good news to many residents, including those at the meeting who complained about the city's "deferred maintenance" of these issues.

"That's a natural feeling," Deabel said in response to the complaints. "When you do have a problem on the street, a pothole or a tree down, that's a citywide concern."

The city plans to first target potholes in the Serena Hills and Normandy Villa Road neighborhoods, according to Deabel.

As for the trees, Deabel says the city is committed to tackling the most dangerous trees throughout Chicago Heights, particularly those on walking paths and near schools.

"Every alderman has the same issue," Deabel said. "They need to find the problem trees in each ward. We have a variety of trees: oaks, maples, ash. Oak is definately on the older, south end of town, maple and ash to middle to north end. It's a variety throughout the entire city."

For those of you still holding your breath for the city to remove a hazardous tree or repair a pothole, Deabel has this to say:

"We're working on it."

The Dark Knight August 08, 2012 at 08:30 PM
Finally after years of complaints, this new administration is the first to launch a program that will target the worst and most dangerous parkway trees in the City. How many past GOOMBAH administrations have done this for the City? NONE! people have to understand that there are thousands and thousands of dead trees or trees in need of trimming. Many of these trees will be addresses but people have to understand that not all will qualify BUT something is better than nothing! Beggars can't be choosy!
NoOne Needs to Know August 08, 2012 at 09:03 PM
I'm wondering if Winston Wolf is now portraying himself as "The Dark Knight"? In any case, we the taxpayer's are footing the bill for the tree trimming, so it should be ALL the taxpayers who have the trees trimmed or removed. While I agree that the most dangerous trees should be removed first, I think Alderman Deabel has the right idea about doling the funds out equally to the wards. Too often it is only the "pet" projects of the administration that get attention and in this case, it's a city-wide problem and the funds should be distributed city-wide. Why are they "borrowing" money from the Motor Vehicle Tax to trim trees when it was already in the budget?
The Dark Knight August 08, 2012 at 09:21 PM
Have you thought of the possibility that each ward may have more or less problematic trees. Those with more trees will be left out of funds and the problem of dangerous trees will continue. What about those wards that don't have as many problematic trees, so they are just to waste the money on unnecessary cutting and trimming just because they have the money?!
The Dark Knight August 08, 2012 at 09:26 PM
Obviously you do not attend Council meetings. He voted against any budget increases and he voted against the budget for the tree trimming. But now since it was passed now he thinks he deserves a fair share?! Why has the Patch not reported on what happened this past Council meeting when the Mayor put his foot down on Ald. Deabel? If your parkway is not in need of trimming and by trimming, i mean you have branches that hang over in the middle of the street or have dead trees, why should the City waste money on that when there are more potential trees that really need the funds? Oh just because you pay taxes you want your tree cut or trimmed even though it is not needed? that is riddiculous! and then you complain about the riddiculous amounts spent!
NoOne Needs to Know August 08, 2012 at 09:46 PM
You ARE Winston Wolf! Just like him, you only read and/or comprehend what you want to...As I said, I agreed that the most dangerous trees needed to be removed first. I'm sure that ALL the wards have trimming and removal needs. Just like ALL the wards have streets that need maintenance...but only ONE ward is getting their streets repaired. There is no fairness in this administration. I have attended council meetings on more than one occasion. I have noted that Mr. Gonzalez often speaks to Mr. Deabel with great disdain...a matter of great unprofessional conduct. In any case, regardless of how Mr. Deabel voted on the budget, it has been approved to use the money to trim and/or cut down trees. All Wards should have their dangerous trees removed.


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