Woman Accused of Killing Brother Rice Teacher Due in Court

An Ohio woman accused of stabbing Al Filan in his Orland Park home waived her extradition rights Monday. She was brought back to Illinois Wednesday.

Alisha M. Walker. Credit: Orland Park Police Department
Alisha M. Walker. Credit: Orland Park Police Department

An Ohio woman charged with murder in the death of Brother Rice teacher Al Filan was picked up from an Indiana jail Wednesday and brought to Orland Park, where she spent the night in jail.

She'll appear before a Cook County judge Thursday.

Alisha M. Walker, 20, of Akron, Ohio, waived her extradition rights during a hearing Monday morning in Allen County, Indiana, according to Orland Park police. 

Walker is accused of stabbing Filan on Jan. 18, after the two argued about money, police said. Walker and another woman came to Filan’s house after arrangements were made on a classifieds site Backpage.com, according to police. Walker and the other woman fled the scene. Walker was arrested in Indiana about a week later.

Since then, Walker’s family said she acted in self-defense, and was trying to protect herself and the other woman, after Filan threatened them.

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