Prepare Yourself for Severe Weather

March is Severe Weather Preparedness Month in Illinois. Fire chief Ronald Kleinhaus reminds us to plan for severe weather.

The encourages families to plan in advance for actions to be taken in the event of severe weather. Know the terms used to describe severe storm threats. A severe thunderstorm or tornado watch means severe thunderstorms or tornadoes are possible in our area. Residents should remain alert for the development of severe weather.

A severe thunderstorm or tornado warning means severe thunderstorms or tornadoes are occurring in our area. In the event of a warning, residents should take cover immediately. The Village Emergency Storm Warning sirens will be activated in the event a tornado is reported within 20 miles of the Village.

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When the emergency siren is activated, residents should immediately take cover in the lowest level of their homes. If there is no basement, go to an inner hallway or small inner room with no windows.

The sirens are activated for tornado warnings only, no "all clear" signal will be sounded, and this is for residents' protection in the event another storm approaches.

Storm safety experts advise citizens to refrain from using the telephone, computer equipment or electrical devices during thunderstorms.

Call 911 to report a funnel cloud, tornado sighting or other emergency situation only. A full copy of the severe weather preparedness information can be viewed by visiting our web site at www.evergreenpark-ill.com then click on Fire Department page. 

Village Emergency Sirens are tested on the first Tuesday of each month at 10:00 am. Any other activation should be considered an emergency.

The Village of Evergreen Park maintains emergency sirens in the following locations, 94th and Hamlin Ave., 89th and California Ave. and 99th Pl. and the Grand Trunk railroad tracks. Area residents are requested to report any siren not activating for the monthly test to the at 708-422-2148.

If you have a news tip of an emergency, email editor at renita.young@patch.com.


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