Keep the Wreath Red for a Fire-Free Holiday Season

The village's fire prevention initiative asks residents to follow these tips to keep local homes safe this holiday season.

As many residents in the village put the finishing touches on their holiday decorations for the season, the  would like to remind them what they can do to have a fire free holiday.

In conjunction with other fire departments across the state, the Evergreen Park Fire Department is participating in the “Keep the Wreath Red” fire safety campaign.

The holiday wreath displayed at the fire station is decorated with a string of red light bulbs. In the event of a fire caused by holiday decorations, one red bulb will be replaced with a white bulb.

The Illinois Fire Chiefs Association adopted the program in 1980 as a way to promote fire safety during the holiday season.

"We are urging all residents to help 'Keep the Wreath Red' by practicing holiday fire safety in their homes," said fire chief Ronald Kleinhaus.

House fires during the holiday season kill about 500 and injure about 2000 people, and cause more than $500 million in damage nationwide, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. Here are a few easy, commonsense steps residents can take to help reduce the risk of fire.

  • Select a fresh Christmas tree that is kept in water at all times
  • Place your Christmas tree in a safe place away from heat sources
  • Inspect and maintain holiday lighting. Use only lighting that is listed by an approved testing laboratory
  • Avoid overloading electrical circuits, don’t link more than three sets of lights together
  • Use only nonflammable decorations that are placed away from heat vents
  • Avoid using candles

For more information on holiday fire safety, contact the Evergreen Park Fire Department Public Education Division at 708-422-2148.


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