What was the Damage From Thursday's and Sunday's Stormy Weather Like at Your House?

The Evergreen Parker wants to know how you fared during the storms that hit Thursday night and Sunday night.

Those were some serious storms that came through Thursday and Sunday nights. At our house, Thursday night's was the more violent of the two systems. At one point, chunks of hail the size of chewed bubble gum wads were smacking our windows so hard we were sure the glass would break. Sheets of rain were driven into a swirling mist by winds that whipped the tree branches to and fro. Leaves, shredded off the trees by the wind and hail, plastered themselves against the windows and covered any flat surface.

Friday morning, we woke up to tree debris – mostly from the giant maples out front – all over the sidewalks and the yard and the roof and the back deck. It rained so hard at one point that water raining into an attic vent on the roof got into an interior wall and made its way all the way into the basement, where we collected it in three buckets.

Our neighbors' basement flooded, although not the furniture-floating kind of flood. Enough to be annoying, though.

What about you? How did you fare? What kind of damage did you see? What about flooding, in the basement or the streets? I thought in the southwest part of the village, at any rate, public works did a good job making sure the street drains were as clear as they could be prior to Thursday's storms. The debris from the wind and hail undid most of that work, however. What did you see?


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