Poll Question: To Water or Not to Water

We're the midst of the worst drought since the 1950s, and Lake Michigan is 8 inches lower than last year and dropping. Do you water?

Growing up in the west, dry summers are nothing new. Rain falls in the fall, winter and spring, and summers are warm and dry. Some winters you don't get the snow in the mountains, and by July the reservoirs are low and water restrictions are in place.

But in this part of the country, the majority of the rain is supposed to fall in the spring, summer and fall in the form of thunderstorms. Not so much this year. It's dry. It's been 76 days since the last rainfall of 1.5 inches. But you don't need statistics to know it's dry. Just look at local lawns. Or most of them, at any rate.

For the most part this summer, I've gone with as little watering as possible. A couple days week I'll hit the flowers and shrubs with a good soaking. In the days leading up to the village Independence Day parade, I admit to soaking the yard, too, to make it look a little better for parade-goers walking down our street. Since then I haven't used the sprinkler at all.

What about you? There's more hot weather on the way, and not much in the way of rain. Are you watering your yard? Letting it go brown? How about plants and such? What about trees? What's your watering plan?

Ozzy July 18, 2012 at 12:57 PM
No mowing for me! I love the rejects who water the sidewalks because they cannot first water the parkway and then water their main lawn. Alas, there of plenty of them around in Evergreen Park. I should really soak the trees though, they are not looking too happy.
monica July 18, 2012 at 06:46 PM
I haven't watered the yard all summer and I've been rewarded with no bill for mowing for over 7 weeks! I do water my flowers and veggies though. However, the village is responsible for the poor decision to re-sod the parkways of those of us who had their streets and sewers repaired in June. I now have uber-green parkway that I am responsible for watering otherwise the sod will totally die and I will be left with nothing next year and have to re-sod at my cost. You would think that they would have waited until the drought was over?! Hmmm....
Ozzy July 19, 2012 at 02:04 AM
I was metal detecting the (dirt) parkways (east side of Kedzie) and wondered what would happen after they put the sod in. I know they were watering it from a truck for a few days. I haven't been around in that section to see how the parkways are coming along, but it is pretty much a given if you do not water sod, it isn't going to end up too well.


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