Catch up with The Evergreen Parker

For a year now, the Evergreen Parker has shared his thoughts on many topics in Evergreen Park. Catch up on past Evergreen Parker columns and let us know what else you want to

When we started column, our Evergreen Parker Chris Clair wanted to know "what it means to live in Evergreen Park," and "what it means to be an Evergreen Parker."

June 1, 2011, you've been an active participant in our online community and have trusted us enough to share your opinions with your neighbors. Conversations with The Evergreen Parker not only brought to the forefront several issues that you are concerned about, but it sparked us to host our very first forum,.

We'd like to celebrate you by taking a look at past Evergreen Parker columns and invite you to tell us what else you'd like to talk about.

What has changed in Evergreen Park over the years? How would you like to see our town in the next five years? As we go into the second year of The Evergreen Parker, this is your chance to dig a little deeper, sound off and let us know the things that make you most passionate about Evergreen Park.

Take a look atand let us know what else you'd like to discuss in the comments section.

Happy Anniversary to "The Evergreen Parker!"

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EP Lover June 04, 2012 at 08:58 PM
I think it's great to discuss the current state of EP and our goals for the village's future. However, I would welcome guest columnists as I usually don't agree with Mr. Clair's perspective and dislike his tone which often seems to indicate that he and he alone has the *right* vision for EP. There are multiple ways to develop EP while maintaining the aspects of the village that we enjoy.


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