5 Things You Need to Know About Blogging on Patch

Have something to say to the community? Sign up to be a Local Voices blogger on Evergreen Park Patch and share your expertise with your neighbors.

We've been so excited to be your trusted news, information and village source since ! But one of the best things we could have done is add your voice to our website.

Our town is so rich with wisdom. We have several bloggers who share easy information to live by:

  • certified professional organizer
  • with the Animal Welfare League of Chicago Ridge
  • of Bethel Bible Church
  • Foodie
  • , Foodie and parish cook

We'd like to add more of our town voices to Evergreen Park Patch.

Got something to say about life in Evergreen Park or news to spread? Need a forum for your community group. Just eager to share your views? Then read on and see if an Evergreen Park Patch blog is right for you.

You Need to Know What It Takes To Be Relevant: We don't have a lot of hard requirements around what we're looking for in a blog outside of this: it's got to be interesting and relevant to Evergreen Park residents, because they're Evergreen Park residents. Maybe you're talking about our local politics. Maybe you're spreading news about community projects. Maybe you're the local authority on a given topic, with the bona fides to back it up. All of those sound great.

You Need to Know What Kind of Blogs We're Looking For: Well, just about anything, if there's a local hook. Got perspective on how the community's changed over the years? Want a place to showcase your cool photos from around town? Need a de-facto online newsletter for your community group? Got favorite recipes to share, or books to recommend? All of those sound like contenders to us.

You Need to Know What We Consider Responsible: Opinions are awesome, particularly well-thought-out ones, backed up with facts. But personal insults, unfounded claims and defamation aren't what we're looking for. When opinions get strong and contentious, it's not always clear where the fine lines are drawn, but we're more than happy to help guide you through those murky waters. And as long as your intention is to keep things above-board, we're happy to have you on the site.

You Need to Know We're Paying in Gratitude: Sorry, you might get fame, but not fortune, from your Evergreen Park Patch blog. So here's the deal: We get the privilege of hosting your valuable views. You get to put them on a site that's increasingly serving as a community hub, where more and more people will have the opportunity to discover them all the time. And since we're part of the Huffington Post Media Group, we may occasionally be able to put your submission in front of a huge audience. You can write as often (or as infrequently) as you'd like, though we'd love it if you’d come back again and again.

You Need to Know You'll Have a Lot of Freedom: We see our blogs as a bit different than our staff- and freelancer-produced content—which is to say, we don't expect to do a lot of heavy editing. We'll be keeping an eye out for anything inappropriate, and trying to cultivate an atmosphere that's constructive, with a lot of diverse views aired in useful ways—but we're not planning to do a lot of line-by-line tweaking of your material. If we've got a serious concern with a submission, we'll let you know—but other than that, it's your words coming through, not ours.

If that sounds good to you, fill our our short blogger application today.


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