What Would Make This A Great Week?

Last Monday, my friend Karl posted on Facebook: “I am going to do everything possible to make this a great week.” What would a Great Week look like? Here are my ideas...

Last Monday, my friend Karl posted on Facebook: “I am going to do everything possible to make this a great week.” This got me thinking:  “What would a great week look like?” I will:

1. Give the “best of me” to my family.

  • A line from a favorite song reads: “Those closest to your heart / so rarely get the best of you.” We show our public face for work and friends, and give our crabbiest selves to our loved ones, because we feel comfortable with them, and secure in the fact that they’ll love us anyway. But they deserve better.  This week:
  • There was more tickling, hugging, music and gratitude.
  • I have edited myself, pausing before acting. For example, I composed a note to my older (12 and 14) sons, outlining house tasks to complete.  Frustrated with the recent lack of cooperation, the mental dictation was littered with cranky language.  Luckily, I edit. A lot.  I switched to writing on the computer to save my hand, and left them a polite and concise list of expectations for their day.  I even told them why things needed done, so they could see how things fit together. It took longer, but it was better.
  • I am communicating more with the teenager about why we make the decisions we make.

2. Take good care of me.

  • I take care of others, but I don’t always take care of Me. This week, I made a greater effort to take my vitamins and get enough sleep, and made appointments with the allergist, the acupuncturist, and for a massage.
  • I’m still working on daily exercise, but managed at least basic push-ups and sit-ups most mornings.

3. Take Care of Business, personal and professional.

  • I completed unfinished business, and eliminated to-do list items, either by completing them or eliminating the expectation.
  • I practiced tough love with a couple of difficult client conversations.  The      worry about these conversations was really draining.  The conversations went fine, of course, I should have acted weeks ago.

4. and Be On Time.

  • As summer began, it felt like we were late to everything. Just a few minutes but it made me cranky. Transitions are tough and we had our new summer schedule. And I am balancing my sons’ desire to stay up later and sleep in (a joy of summer) with my need to get things done and get to work.  This week:
  • I synchronized all the clocks (and set them just 2 minutes ahead, shhhh!), then asked the boys to set their watches.
  • I enlisted and embraced assistance – Sports Camp Car Pool, you say? I’m in! Thanks, ladies!
  • The older boys are biking more.  We tuned up the bikes, discussed the safest routes to their destinations, and since they like the independence, they have been leaving earlier to get to their activities. Win-win!

My challenge to you is to determine what would make this a “great week”, and make a couple of small changes to make life better.  And share with me what you

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