The Holidays Are Here. Don't Say You Didn't Know!

Here’s a head’s up – the holidays are here. Don’t say you didn’t know.  And Do not allow your procrastination to create emergencies for others.

I know the holidays are busy, but on December 23rd, you are not allowed to freak out and cause other people angst of any kind.  Not your family members or the poor unsuspecting store clerk who gets stuck waiting on the cranky-freaked-out you or your loved one who doesn’t receive the really nice gift they deserve.  If you don’t plan ahead now and take care of business, you don’t get to be crabby, or whine that the holidays just crept up on you and now you are too busy to get things done.

However, if someone else’s lack of planning causes you stress, you have my permission to say “No” to bailing them out, or at least expect a little something extra in your stocking for your troubles. :)

I was at Mass this weekend, and two of the three scripture readings said “Wake Up! Be Alert!  Be Prepared!”  Now is the time to wake up. Now is the time to prepare.  So let’s go!  Here is some tough love, friends.  You can get everything done, yes you can.  But you have to start now and you have to keep moving.

Take a couple of deep breaths, remind yourself It’s all Baby Bear, and get busy.

  1. Make a Plan – There is still time.  State your purpose.  Schedule the big stuff, put the events and necessary tasks on the calendar, assume that you will need to step up your usual pace for a few days to get things started.
  2. (Here is my purpose:  I am celebrating the gift of the Birth of our Savior.  I will open my home and heart to friends, family and strangers.  I will remember that the gift of my time      is the most unique gift I can give to friends, family and strangers, and plan accordingly.  I will give of myself and my resources joyfully, in the example of God and Jesus.  My mantra remains God, Family & Community.)
  3. Santa was right – make a list.  Make that list and check it twice.  As I sit here writing this, random ideas are popping into my head.  Work related – follow up with that client, remember to (fill in blank here). Holiday related – text sister-in-law about gift idea for (insert name here).  If it’s a quick task, do it.  It if requires a little more time, put it on the list.  Keep those ideas from getting lost, and then act on them.
  4. If you have something you need to do, Do It Today.  For goodness sake, why would you wait?  If you have the idea, and a little bit of time, take action!  Make the phone call, order the gift, run the errands, hang the lights, etc. Do it today.
  5. Do Good.  Donate your time or money or stuff to a worthy cause.  It is always the right time to do Good.
  6. Be prepared.  But be prepared to be surprised.  Prepare for work and life and the holidays, but expect that the unexpected will happen in the next month.  There will be big and little emergencies and surprises.  Prepare as much as you can, but expect pitfalls.
  7. Go to bed on time (Click here for my friend Erin Dubich’s Facebook page for more motivation:  https://www.facebook.com/erindubichnutritionAnd get out of bed on time.
  8. Make a January List.  There are already a number of tasks on my to-do list that I realize I won’t get to until the New Year.  So I’ve moved those tasks to January already, to clear more space in December.

Get busy, friends, get things done and make some progress towards great holidays this week!

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