VIDEO: Making The Plaza Development a 'Destination'

At our open forum discussing the proposed redevelopment of The Plaza Shopping Center, resident Tim Moran talked about the unique opportunity that the intersection of 95th Street and Western Avenue presents.

resident Joe Moran, who grew up in Evergreen Park, pointed out what "unique opportunity" the location presents for villagers and developers.

"Ninety-fifth and Western is uniquely situated,” said Moran, since the intersection is served by both the CTA and Pace bus systems and is the gateway to both Chicago and Evergreen Park. The property presents the opportunity for a true destination, he said.

Moran reminisced about a bustling Evergreen Plaza that helicoptered Santa Claus into the mall and as a place where people went "accomplish a variety of goals."

Do you remember The Plaza as a "destination?" What things did you accomplish there? How could it be a destination again?

Watch our video and join the conversation.

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