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The hospital is home of Dr. Joe Whalen, who last  year became .

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  • "I think LePar is simply one of the best veterinary clinics available, especially when it comes to mammals, the staff is dedicated, concerned, and professional. We have been working with Dr. Bauer and in my opinion, after dealing with several doctors, I feel that he is young enough to be up to date on new methods and professional enough to discuss alternatives when they're available. I am very impressed with their attention to holistic medicine and their care after treatment." (5 our of 5 Stars)
  • "Dr. Whalen and his marvelous staff are the best in the business. We've had our pets coming to Dr. Whalen since he had taken over the business from the retiring veterinarian. Since that time he has grown in knowledge and has invited other such wonderful veterinarians to his practice. All of his staff are caring people who want the best for you and your pet. I highly recommend LePar Animal Hospital for anyone who loves their pet and wants the best for them." (5 our of 5 Stars)
  • "My husband and I just love Lepar. I wouldnt trust my dogs to anyone else. Everyone there is so friendly and caring. My dogs actually look forward to going to the vet and getting boarded. My husband and I are disabled and the vet techs are so nice, they come to our van to get the dogs and bring them inside for us when we go. You would never get that service anywhere else. The doctors are great at what they do." (5 our of 5 Stars)
  • "I am so happy with LePar. Everyone, from the vets to the people at the front desk, is professional and very caring. The way they have dealt with my dogs and our family is better than a lot of MDs I've encountered. They offer many services for the health of animals and with thoroughly explain the pros and cons of each one. I will never take my dogs anywhere else. (5 our of 5 Stars)

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