New Pool Owner Must Clear Up 21 Code Violations Before Opening

The new owner of the Evergreen Aqua Park faces more than 20 code violations, carrying a fine of $150 each, according to the Village of Evergreen Park. The village says they have yet to hear from him after issuing the latest violation in early May.

The prospect of re-opening Evergreen Aqua Park at 8956 S. Troy Ave., has been quite appealing to Evergreen Park residents who would like regular access to a community pool. After being closed for two years, the property was recently sold to a man affiliated with the organization's original board of directors, who planned on renovating and opening the pool at a daily fee per person, according to Evergreen Park Mayor Jim Sexton. Previously, the board charged a bond fee for pool patrons.

However, the success of a community pool, as Sexton noted, is questionable. "The community pools in general are not doing well," Sexton said. "The water has gone up significantly, the insurance, the liability part of it is very high the cost of operations is high. Staffing costs are very high. And a lot of people now have (pools) in their backyards."

Calls to the owner and broker of the property went unanswered.

As for whether or not the pool will be open this summer, Sexton says "I think it’s probably questionable for this year, but he did have a plan last time I talked to him to follow through." Before the pool re-opens, its new owner has 21 code violations to clear up, according to the village. Information obtained from the Village of Evergreen Park shows the 21 code violations, each carrying a fine of $150, as of May 3, the most recent inspection. Village health inspector Jeff Layhe says that local residents and business owners who have violations have the option to show up at the village's monthly court hearing, of which the pool's new owner hadn't attended. The next one is Saturday, June 8 at 9:30 a.m. Most of the pool's violations, Layhe says, are "general building violations."

According to Sexton, the broker for the new owner said "it was going to cost him more than he originally thought in order to make the fixes, but he still planned on opening. I had to take him at his word." He continued, "We’re still hopeful it’s going to reopen as a community pool. That’s what we would love to see happen. Whether the economics are there or not is another question."

According to the village, Evergreen Aqua Park has the following violations:

  • 302.3 Sidewalks and Driveways
  • 302.4 Weeds
  • 303.1 Swimming Pools
  • 304.1 Stairways, Decks, Porches and Balconies
  • 304.12 Handrails and Guards (two violations)
  • 304.18 Building Security
  • 304.2 Protective Treatment
  • 304.6 Exterior Walls
  • 305.3 Interior Surfaces
  • 403.2 Bathrooms and Toilet Rooms ( three violations)
  • 504.3 Plumbing System Hazards
  • 505.3 Supply (water supply system)
  • 603.1 Mechanical Appliances
  • 603.4 Safety Controls
  • 604.3 Electrical System Hazards
  • 605.3 Luminaries
  • 702.1 General (safe, continuous and un-obstructed egress)
  • 704.2 Smoke Alarms
KMar June 07, 2012 at 05:37 PM
i'd LOVE to see it open again Beverly would LOVE to see it open again! The Villiagr should have made a deal with the " New GolfcourseMall Owners" to put money into the POOL to get it up to code and opened in exchange for Beverly residents complaints "SOS". However, I don't think the "fee per use" will work to the owner's advantage. Unless the per use fee is high, it would probably turn into a gang invested /teenage hangout. Not too many families with young kids would go for that. Security officers would be needed to combat issues that teenage workers could not handle. I truly wish good luck to the owner. I hope it works out.


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