Charley Horse Restaurant Closes its Doors

A sign on the popular Charley Horse Restaurant is the only official notice to the New Lenox community that it is closed.

The popular Charely Horse Restaurant is dark tonight. The sign on the door reads "closed."

One restaurant employee, who was loading food into a Charley Horse van parked at the rear of the New Lenox eatery, said the restaurant would be reopening under another name. The food was being transferred to other restaurants affiliated with the owner of Charley Horse, Bryan Sord.  

The employee refused to give his name; however, he said the restaurant would be hiring back a number of its current employees. He said some fresh hires were expected, as well. However, he had no details about when the restaurant would reopen. He had no information about  the name change nor the ultimate ownership of the facility.   

In an email to Patch, Sord said Charley Horse officially closed on Monday, Feb. 4. No details about the name change nor the ultimate ownership were immediately provided at the time this story was posted.  

The organizers of events previously booked were offered space at other restaurants. A fundraiser scheduled for Feb. 10 was offered another location, but it was declined, he said.

Gift cards will be honored at The Munster Charley Horse and Orland Park's 94 West.

"No other comment about the future of the Charley Horse, New Lenox location, is available at this time," Sord said.

Charley Horse Restaurant has a bit of a history of opening and closing facilities in the Southwest suburbs.

Mayor Tim Baldermann  said he was unaware of the closure. "I knew that they were talking to perspective buyers, but we had never heard of anything definitive."

A year ago at this time, Peter Gelis, the owner of Frankfort's Jameson's Pub, 9545 W. Saint Francis Road, had requested a liquor license from the Village of New Lenox for the Charley Horse location. The intention was to open an eatery called Van Horne's American Grill. Once New Lenox Village officials discovered that no lease agreement had been signed between Gelis and Sord, the item was eliminated from the agenda.

Benefit organizers upset about Charley Horse closure

Residents of New Lenox who were planning a benefit there are upset over the closing. Rachel Tuley, who was organizing a benefit called TEAM Gladieux for Feb. 10 at the restaurant, said she received an email at 1 p.m. Monday that the restaurant was closed.

With only six days before a benefit, Tuley managed within a few hours to change the location to the American Legion, 14414 W. Ford Drive. The benefit is for her sister, Jeni Gladieux, a teacher at Tyler Elementary School, whose husband, suffered a massive stroke last winter. He formerly taught 6th grade social studies at Oster-Oakview School.

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Chuck Soukup March 10, 2013 at 04:46 PM
I boycotted this place just cuz the service sucked. The food was just OK.
Erica March 27, 2013 at 09:25 PM
I worked for Bryan for a hot minute when 94 West first opened. He was incredibly incompetent and it is amazing the place is still open. I worked my first shift without any training because they forgot to call me for it. They handed me an apron and a wine opener and directed me to the tables I was supposed to wait on. A customer asked me where the bathroom was and I didn't know. About my 3rd night there, the kitchen was way backed up and I had a table waiting over an hour for their dinner. He went to the wrong table to "apologize" but ended up screaming at me when I walked by because they "didn't even have drinks yet"....he was at the wrong table because he didn't even know the table numbers. All of the tables in the vicinity were disgusted with the way he treated his employees and needless to say, I never returned.
JCM March 28, 2013 at 09:24 PM
94 West has been in business for ten years. Get over it!
Chuck Soukup March 28, 2013 at 11:10 PM
Erica March 29, 2013 at 03:11 PM
@JCM trust me, I am over it but I'm enjoying watching Karma happen.


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