How Animal Repellents Work (And Why Sometimes They Don't)

Are the squirrels taunting you? Did the rabbits eat your garden? You can get rid of them without resorting to a shotgun.

Animal Repellents work by smell or taste. Many work both ways. The sprays and powders simply make your flowers and vegetables unappetizing to pests. These repellents must be refreshed every week and after heavy rains to maintain their strength. The trick is to break the animals of the habit of coming to your yard for dinner. Once they have moved on to your neighbors yard (you never liked them anyway, right?) You can use the repellents less often.

Sometimes a repellent will keep pests away for a while and then lose effectiveness. This usually means that the animals have gotten used to the smell. Another possibility is that one of the animals in the yard never minded that particular smell or taste in the first place! When this happens, it's time to pick a new repellent with different active ingredients. Just look on the bottle.

There is one other kind of repellent... predator urine! You know what that means? That's right, it means some people make a living harvesting and selling animal urine!

You thought YOUR job was lousy.

Predator urines work by tricking those nibbling nuisance animals into believing that a dangerous predator like a coyote or fox is in the neighborhood. Fear of becoming lunch keeps them from coming to your yard for a snack.

Simply put the urine in 30 day dispensers and place them around the yard.

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Lorraine Swanson April 24, 2012 at 10:20 PM
I have used the predator urine to get rid of nuisance animals from the home and garden and they work. I had chipmunks in the walls of my house several years ago and set out coyote urine dispensers around the house and near the chipmunk holes. They left within 24 hours. I helped a friend get rid of a pregnant mama skunk that was trying to nest under her backyard shed. Mama left and had her babies elsewhere. Predator urine is very effective for your garden without hurting other wildlife or pets. I highly recommend trying it.


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