How Beverly and Mt. Greenwood Got Their Names

Kind of neat, to learn the origin of names for Chicago's 200 neighborhoods. Check it out.

Ever wondered how Beverly came to be—well, Beverly? 

Chicago is a collection of 200 neighborhoods, all unique to their residents and area, and Mental Floss recently uncovered the roots of each neighborhood's name.

"While this list is extensive, it isn't absolute," writes Mental Floss. "If you don't see your neighborhood below, please write your alderman, who will then negotiate with us and we'll hash out an under-the-table deal."

So where did Beverly come from?
Some dispute whether the neighborhood is named after Beverly, Massachusetts, or Beverly Hills, California. However, it's often called "Beverly Hills" due to its position on a glacial ridge that, at 672 feetis the tallest natural point in Chicago.

Want to find out where Mt. Greenwood got its name? Click here for the full list. 
Tim F March 07, 2014 at 05:30 PM
Interesting. Thanks Lauren.


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